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Decide whether the active or passive construction is more appropriate in the following examples:
We _________________ a letter the day before yesterday.

The words ________________ by the teacher today.

This bag ____________ on the bus yesterday.

The government _________________ to introduce a new tax regime.


Choose between the following adjectives and adverbs to complete the following sentences:
He read Dostoevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment _____________.

Everyone says that Tim is a _____________ driver. I still don’t want to get in a car with him.

My next-door neighbour’s music is ________________ loud today.

There was a huge accident on the motorway last week. Five people were ____________ injured.

Don’t speak so __________. You’re going to make me deaf!


Provide an appropriate antonym for each of the following words.
For example, good > bad; intelligent > unintelligent




Put the following adjectives in their comparative form.
For example, big > bigger; intelligent > more intelligent





Fill in the blanks with the appropriate determiner (a/an/the). For example, I need a new calculator.
Do you have ________ pen?

We got our son __________ dog for Christmas.

Do you remember ____________ girl we saw yesterday?

Timmy is ___________ tallest kid in his class.

Have you listened to _________ radio recently?

Did you see ____A____ Pope on ____B____ news earlier today?

Gap1 A)

Gap2 B)

I think ___________ man over there is unfriendly.

___________ price of gas keeps rising.

I read _________ amazing story yesterday.

I live in ___A____ apartment. _____B____ apartment is beautiful!

Gap3 A)

Gap4 B)


In the given context, choose the correct option from each pair of words.
Did you __________ what your mother said?

The tourists left _____________ belongings on the bus.

The doctor didn’t know____________ to tell his patient about the cancer.

The little girl refused to eat her dinner because all she wanted was a ____________ of cake.

It’s been raining all day! The _________ is truly awful in England.

When I was little, my father always told me cautionary ______________.

I am not sure _________ pen this is. Do you know?

Do you know __________ coming to this event tonight?


Form an adjective from the nouns given below e.g. help > helpful.








Choose an appropriate preposition to go with the verbs in the examples below so that the sentences make sense.
For example, “This book is so good! It’s impossible to put it down”
I can’t believe my daughter is graduating. Children grow _______ so fast!

Your mother used to be just like you. You really do take _______ her.

Please don’t forget to switch ____________ the lights before you go to bed.

They were handing __________ free donuts today!


Choose appropriate prepositions for each of the following examples. For example, “We are really looking forward to our weekend away in Cornwall
The robber made his escape by jumping ______A_____ of the window and ____B_____ the bushes.

Gap5 A)

Gap6 B)

I started learning Russian _____A_____ the age of 19, but I’m still not very good _____B____ it.

Gap7 A)

Gap8 B)

My Mum always complains _____A______ her sore back. I think she is afraid ___B_____ getting old.

Gap9 A)

Gap10 B)

Mr. Smith apologized ___A______ his tardiness and asked us all whether we agreed ____B_______ his decision to cancel the test

Gap11 A)

Gap12 B)

I offered to help my brother cook dinner, but he insisted ________ doing everything himself.


Complete the following sentences with the correct pronoun.
I’m really struggling to do my homework. Can you help _________ please?

John found his passport but Mary couldn’t find ___________.

There was $100 on the table and Tara wondered _________ it was.

Tom and ________ went to the Galapagos last year. It was awesome!

My friend Cara wants to paint John and ________ together.


Complete the sentences using who/which/whose/that
Nessie is a monster ________ lives in the Loch Ness.

I sent an email to my brother ________ lives in Australia.

I talked to this girl ________ car had broken down in front of the shop.

We regularly visit our grandmother _______ lives in Cambridge.

What did you do with the money ________ your mother lent you?


Put the following adjectives in their superlative form.  
For example, cheap > cheapest;  intelligent > most intelligent






Fill in the following sentences with the correct form of used to / be used to / get used to.
After the holidays it takes me a week _________________ getting up early again.

I ________________ play football when I was young. Now my back is too sore to play.

At first it was difficult for her to speak Russian all the time, but I think she ______________ it now.

The queue in the bank _________________  short but now it’s terrible.

Jim doesn’t have a girlfriend now but he ______________.

Juan lived in London for a year. He liked the people but he never _______________ the bad coffee or the miserable weather.

We haven’t seen Tim very much since he got a promotion. He never ___________________ so busy.

Computers __________________ very expensive. Now the prices are more reasonable.

Doug _______A_________ think that he would never ______B________ living in New York.

Gap A)

Gap B)

Present Simple and Present Continuous

Fill in the correct version of the verb given in brackets in the following sentences.
We sometimes ________________ books (to read)

Emily often __________________ to the disco (to go)

Look! The burglar _______________ the house. (to leave)

After dinner, my mum always makes me __________ the dishes (to wash)

What _______________ at the minute? (you & to do)

Janet never __________________ jeans (to wear)

Mum! Can you tell Harry to turn down his music? I _________________ to the radio! (to listen)

She _________________ six years old (to be)

Currently, we ______________________ Monopoly. (to play)

My parents _______________ from Austria (to be)


Decide where the present perfect or simple past is more appropriate in the following contexts
My sister _________________________ in India a couple of weeks ago.

Do you like the film Harry Potter? I don’t know, I _____________________ that movie.

Ernest Hemingway ___________ many wonderful books before he died.

My best friend is from Sheffield and she _______________ to  the seaside

Scientists _______________ to create a bionic eye. Blind people will be able to see again!


Decide whether the present perfect continuous or past perfect continuous is correct for each of the following examples
Tim, take a break! You _________________ busy all day!

Why do you look so tired? ____________________ TV without your glasses again?

When I arrived at the crime scene, no one knew how long he ________________________.

Sarah ______________________ for hours, when she realised the sun was setting in the sky.


Fill in the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.
When I arrived at the farm, the farmers __________________________ to feed the pigs.  (already/ to start)

The storm destroyed the sand castle that  we _______________________.
(to build)

My greedy brother ate all of the pie that Mum ______________________.
(to make)

In class today, I couldn’t remember any of the poem that I _________________________ last week.  (to learn)

Before that day, Angela ________________________________ a horse. (to ride/never)


Fill in the sentences below with either the future simple or future continuous form of the verb.
This time next week, we ______________________ on a beach in Thailand.

If you need help with your homework, I ______________ you.

As soon as I land in Moscow, I _________________ Mum.

Do not call me tomorrow at noon. I _____________________ an exam.

Excuse me, but I have a dirty glass. Oh, sorry! I _______________ you a new one.


Choose between the regular future or the simple future in the following sentences.
Philip’s parents ________________________ him a new computer for Christmas.

John's sister ________________________ have a baby.

Elizabeth _______________________ a party next week.


Fill in the sentences below using the correct form of the conditional. Use full forms! (i.e. "I would eat..." NOT "I'd eat...")
I __________________ to Australia, if I had enough money to buy a plane ticket.  (to fly)

If we _________________ tennis, I would win.
(to play)

If I  ________________________,  I wouldn’t have done it. (to know)

You will get fat, if you __________________ too much.
(to eat)

If you ________________ me I won’t hear because I will be in the attic.  (to call)

If I could, I _______________________ arabic. It seems like an interesting language. (to learn)


Put the verbs in the following sentences into the imperative. Use full forms! ("Do not take short cuts!" NOT "Don't take short cuts!")
___________________ to your bedroom! (to go)

_________________________ chocolate milk with the money I gave you!  (not/ to buy)

___________________________ to brush your teeth before bed! (to forget/ not)

Please ___________________ out of the window. I am worried you will fall! (to lean/not)

__________________ your holiday in Mauritius! (to enjoy)

Do ______________________! I feel uncomfortable when you stand. (to sit down)

________________ or I will lose my temper! (to shut up)

________________ here a minute, will you! (to wait)

Never ________________ to me like that again! (to speak)


Choose the  correct word or phrase in the following sentences
Harry! _____________ doing something fun today!

The doctor ___________ taking medicine whenever I am in pain.

If you _________ complaining, I'm going to have to change rooms.

If you want to ___________ becoming overweight, you need to change the way you eat.

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